I'm generally not a big fan of reviews; however I do recognize the importance of honest testimonials and if you would like to write up a review of our time together I would appreciate you keeping some of the more intimate details to yourself.



A few weeks ago I managed to secure a booking with this beautiful lady. I sent a text one evening expecting to wait a few days for a reply. However, the next morning I had a lovely reply from Jordyn advising that yes she would be happy to see me. As Jordyn only offers out calls in Sydney, we tried to organise a hotel, but the costs at late notice was exorbitant. I offered to see Jordyn at my house, which she accepted.

The day of the booking I agreed to meet Jordyn outside so that it would be easier for her to find my flat. The taxi pulled up outside and out got a stunning young woman. I will never forget how Jordyn looked; she was in a elegant white dress, with a small jacket and high heels. Jordyn is naturally beautiful, she looked just like the girl next door that you have had a crush on all your life. Her photos are sexy and beautiful, but they don’t do her any justice when you meet her in real life.

We had a quick chat to break the tension. Jordyn has great conversation and can discuss all topics. When you start chatting she is so sweet and down to earth that you feel like you have known her for years.

As I am still a bit of a sex newbie, I told Jordyn this and she took control but did it so gently and slowly. She has a beautiful body, her touches, kisses and the way she moves and slides on your body, is electric and if you are not fully aroused in seconds, well you never will be. The rest is between us, but all I can say is it was hot, passionate and an out of your dreams experience.

Sadly the time was over too quickly. I walked her to the taxi, we had a kiss and said goodbye, as the taxi drove off my heart sank as I wished I could spend more time with this beautiful woman.

As a client all Jordyn expects from you is be polite, treat her with respect and be a gentlemen, not to hard to do when you dealing with this amazing women.

Thank you Jordyn for making me feel so special while we were together and such an amazing GFE. Everything was professional and exclusive from the quick reply, booking and our time together.

I cannot wait to see you again.
Take care,

April 21, 2018
Jordyn Lake
April 18, 2018

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Jordyn in Hobart on her recent tour. I was amazed with how beautiful this girl was when she opened the door. I knew I was seeing someone genuine and kind. A perfect companion for a gfe.
I can’t stop thinking about those beautiful, busty natural boobs and soft sexy lips. Gives me ghoose bumps thinking about the deep French kissing I was lucky to enjoy. Sex with this beauty is one of the best I have ever experienced. It’s not too often you meet someone you feel connected with straight away.
Thank you honey for the amazing gfe and your kindness. Lots of love.
John form Hobart. See you soon!

March 8, 2018

What a sexy girl....felt privileged

February 12, 2018

I'm not sure where to start. And how to do this wonderful girl justice!!!!

So a little context, I myself have always been shy (due in part to my disability). And as such I do lack confidence around the opposite sex, so therefore I have always been good at hiding behind humour and taking the mickey out of myself.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with this most enchanting woman, Jordyn

Jordyn your wit and intelligence is so disarming before I knew it we were talking like we had known each other for many years. The warm and welcoming atmosphere made me open up and I felt I could be myself, for the first time in many years. Your smile and beautiful eyes made me forget all my hang ups (disability).

Each time I get to see you it just gets better and better, thanks for seeing me and not my disability.

Jordyn I will be forever amazed at what you have done during our times together!!

Thank you for the intimacy and your gentle touch, being tangled up in your arms felt safe and amazing, the cuddles, laughing and having so much fun. Your porcelain skin and sexy curves are enchanting. But most of all it was so nice to be in the presence of such kind soul.

Thanks for the new experiences!!! It's is a beautiful memory I will always remember. And letting me spend time in your wonderful company. Time spent with you is how I imagine heaven to be.

Hope that I have the pleasure of more adventures with you!!

Thanks for making a difference.

Dan xx

February 6, 2018

Jordyn is such a sweet girl and pretty. I spent an hour evening with her... full of satisfaction and joy. I just amazed how nice and hospitable she is dealing with her client. Definitely looking to meet her again soon! Thanks for a good time, Jordyn!

December 18, 2017

I am not really capable of assembling poetic words, so will instead just stright forward. I took a short encounter with Jordan as my usual wl is away of town. communcation was easy and prompt, jordyn was accolodating though I made a short notice reservation. after arriving in her CBD appartment, get down to business. we started passinate kissing, which was one of the most temptuous one i have ever had. i wont go through bit by bit of how it went after, but all I can say is that I felt really comfortable being with her, she gave a fulfilling GFE experience. I would definitely recommend this young lady to those punters out there.

December 10, 2017

I saw Jordan recently when she came down to Hobart, great time with a great girl, photos don't do her justice.

November 24, 2017


I first met Jordyn when I came to Sydney on business earlier this year. I was having a rough time for personal reasons and thought some female company might cheer me up. Like most guys, I was a bit sceptical of booking an escort cause theres always that doubt in your mind that she wont look like her pictures or some other problem will come up. But from the moment I first laid eyes on Jordyn when she showed up to her hotel room I knew I'd made the right choice - she didnt look like her pictures, she looked better! As I say I was a bit of a mess but after just a few minutes together I already started to feel like my old self. I was so surprised at how smart and classy she was, a well travelled and beautiful lady of culture. When we got to spending time in the bedroom there was a natural chemistry between us and wow did she show me a good time! Honestly her spanish is out of this world and everything we did together was just pure bliss. Since our first meeting whenever I've come up to Sydney I've e always made the time to see Jordyn again. such an amazing and special lady. Thanks Jordyn, for everything xxx

May 5, 2017

I had decided to go and see Jordyn after a meeting with someone I usually see had fallen through. I’m not really a guy who’s into ‘surprises’, but I figured I wasn’t heaps into spending the evening alone after I was counting on having company. I decided to bite the bullet and call this lovely lady anyhow. Her site and titillating photos sold me. Plus not being a local, I figured if I didn’t arrange to meet up with her immediately, I could potentially miss out. She texted me back pretty quick, telling me that funnily enough she too had had a cancellation, so was free at the moment (strange coincidence or a little white lie made up to lure me in?). I had counted on a dinner date, Jordyn said she was more than happy to accommodate. I suggested a favorite watering hole for our intro drinks as she wasn’t from the city. Jordyn was more than willing to accommodate, and met me there not far from her hotel a taxi ride away. Dressed simply but classy in a little black dress, I recognized her immediately from her photos, waiting for me at the bar. I ordered her a drink, we got down to talking. She seemed pretty down to earth not like one of those women that had tickets on herself, but all the while having a classy demeanor. We talked about normal stuff, favorite films, working away, etc. I was getting a bit impatient. Jordyn suggested we skip dinner and take a taxi to check out her ‘room’ and have a night cap. It didn’t take long for us to get down to business. Jordyn was pretty intuitive and innovative (again I’m not a surprises kinda guy but I was pleasantly entertained whilst being, to be honest, pretty turned on). I won’t go into detail, but it was definitely one of the experiences rated at the top of my list. And I’m a bit of a punter. Try her out, if you are a respectful and eloquent gentlemen it will get you everywhere ;) with Jordyn.


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